falu red - scandinavian red embroidery wool by modern folk embroidery

Falu Red – Hand-Dyed Embroidery Wool


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Product Description

Falu Red is a traditional Swedish colour found on many of the traditional wooden houses and buildings that dot the landscape. It’s a colour quite close to Dark Antique Rose, though it is slightly more intense of colour, and leans a little more towards the orange spectrum.

All wool is hand-dyed using only natural dyes in my Yorkshire studio. The recipe for this red uses 100% plant dyes. The wool used here is a 2/30 nm Italian Merino of the highest quality. Each skein measures 25 metres.

Due to the nature of natural dyes, each dyebatch is truly unique – resulting in slight colour differences per batch. Care instructions: Although I take care in rinsing out the excess dye, Tudor Red can bleed when used straight from the skein. If you intend to use it on a garment or upholstery that requires washing, it might give off colour. Please make sure to gently and carefully was your threads before use. Soda based detergents can change the colour of this particular red (shifting it to a deeper, slightly purple shade). I would recommend washing a small piece to see the effect.

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