Modern Folk Embroidery Wool

tudor red wool

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to stitch with my own threads, and I’m so happy to finally share them with you. After many experiments with different dyes and many different types of wool, I have found a wonderful Italian spun Merino wool of the highest quality that is an absolute joy to stitch with.

With a thread weight of 2/30 nm, it is comparable to stitching with two pulled threads of stranded cotton, and is perfect for many different embroidery projects.


For thousands of years people have been dyeing with natural dyes – an art that nearly died during the industrial revolution and the rise of chemical dyes.

It is extraordinary to see that some Coptic textiles that were woven 2000 years ago are still beautiful in colour, whilst chemically dyed pieces simply don’t have the same depth. The natural fading of colours is also more pleasant in naturally dyed objects: whilst chemically dyed items just fade, their natural counterparts age more gracefully. It is exactly for these reasons that all of my wool is dyed by hand in small batches, using only natural dyes.

Due to its nature, some change in colour is to be expected over time  (especially when exposed in direct sun light). Be aware also that dyelots of the same colour will be slightly different from one another, as natural dyes are more unpredictable than chemical ones. These quirks give natural dyes their unique charm and character, and is exactly why most people love antique samplers over newly stitched ones!


Although I take the greatest care in making sure that your wool is properly rinsed and washed, I would recommend washing and rinsing your threads before stitching to eliminate the risk of bleeding. As some natural dyes bleed more than others, some colours will give off a little colour when washing.

Prepare a bath of hand-warm water with a soft detergent – making sure your detergent does not contain bleaches or oxidisers, as these may remove colour from your threads! Gently wash your wool. Rinse carefully, and blot with a white paper towel. If too much colour comes off, wash and rinse again. Dry your threads lying flat on a towel, away from direct heat.

You are now ready to start stitching! Your threads are best stored in a sewing box or bag, away from direct sun light.Working with these threads will allow you to create authentic feeling pieces reminiscent of antique needlework. I hope you will become as passionate about these threads as I am. Happy stitching!


A full range of Modern Folk Embroidery Wool colours can be viewed in the shop.