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Letters from the North No. 3 – PDF Pattern


height: 146 crosses
width: 119 crosses
total crosses: 6346
thread estimate: When stitched on 32 count linen (or 16 count Aida) this pattern requires approximately 4 skeins of Modern Folk Embroidery Wool, or, when stitched with 2 pulled strands of Retors du Nord 4 stranded cotton floss between 37 – 48 metres (2 to 3 skeins of floss).

Letters from the North is a series of patterns with a distinct Nordic feel about them. This particular one is the 3rd in the series.

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Letters from the North is a series of Scandinavian style cross-stitch samplers, of which this is the first. Fascinated by their simplicity and geometric abstraction I began designing my own samplers with a distinct folk aesthetic.

The pattern here is the third in the series, depicting a large flower bush in a decorative pot, flanked by two little deer and another two flowerpots. Little birds and peacocks inhabit the shrubs. At the top and bottom of the sampler are two original border designs.

Both border designs could be repeated infinitely and would look great, for instance, on a cushion- or pillow cover.

Although I have opted for a monochrome red sampler, you can choose any colour or a mixture of your favourite colours.

This sampler measures 146 crosses in height and 119 crosses in width. Stitched over two threads on 32 count linen it would measure approximately 9 1/4” by 7 1/2” (23 by 19cm).
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