Tree of Life – PDF Pattern


height: 107 crosses
width: 83 crosses
total crosses: 2906
thread estimate: When stitched on 32 count linen (or 16 count Aida) this pattern requires approximately 2 skeins of Modern Folk Embroidery Wool, or, when stitched with 2 pulled strands of Retors du Nord 4 stranded cotton floss between 17 – 22 metres (1 to 2 skeins of floss).

This Dutch style pattern features a tree of life, flanked by two birds. It’s fully customisable with a set of letters.

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For centuries The Tree of Life motif has been used throughout the world on many different samplers. Most trees found on Dutch samplers are very geometric and nearly abstract, flanked by animals or people. Birds are often seen on the sides of the tree.

After I came across some 18th century trees on Dutch and Frisian cross-stitch samplers I became inspired to create my own version of a tree of life, based on old examples.

I personalized my tree by putting my initials on either side of the stem and putting the year (2010) in roman numerals. Please use the alphabet included in this pattern to personalize your project.
This sampler measures 107 by 83 stitches, and stitched over two threads on 32 count linen it will be approximately 6 3/4” by 5 1/4” inches (17 by 13.5 cm).


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