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Welcome Little Stranger – PDF Pattern


height: 103 crosses
width: 103 crosses
total crosses: 2765
thread estimate: When stitched on 32 count linen (or 16 count Aida) this pattern requires approximately 1.5 skeins of Modern Folk Embroidery Wool, or, when stitched with 2 pulled strands of Retors du Nord 4 stranded cotton floss between 16 – 21 metres (1 to 2 skeins of floss).

This small pincushion would make a great gift for a mum-to-be, and is customisable, as it comes with a full alphabet and number set, as well as borders to make your gift truly unique.

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In the York Castle Museum is a collection of Victorian pincushions, which would’ve been given to a young mother after she gave birth to her child. The cushions are literally pincushions, as the patterns and text are laid out in little pins. At a time when pins were expensive, a gift such as this would have been greatly appreciated; especially since the safetly pin had not yet been invented, and the baby’s nappies would’ve been held up with real pins!

One of those pincushions had the words Welcome Little Stranger on them, and I’ve always thought this such a wonderful, sweet sentiment. I finally came round to design a pattern for it, and here it is! It would make a great present for a new mum, but it is also easy to personalise. With the alphabet provided, you could turn it into a gift for any occasion (christening, wedding, anniversary).

I have designed the cushion as a rather flat cube, instead of simply stitching two squares on top of each other. Provided in this pattern are three border patterns that you can choose from. If you can’t find a border pattern here, also check out my other border patterns in my shop. The central text can be adapted as there is a full set of letters and numbers, with letters included from the Scandinavian world, Poland, and Germany.

I stitched my pattern on 32 count Zweigart linen “platinum” and “burgundy”. Make sure to check out my shop for high quality threads and linens! Stitched over two threads on 32 count linen, this pattern would measure approximately 6 3/4” by 6 3/4” (17 by 17 cm). The height of your pillow depends of course on the size of the border you choose!


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