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Love Letters – PDF Pattern


height: 113 crosses
width: 83 crosses
total crosses: 3538
thread estimate: When stitched on 32 count linen (or 16 count Aida) this pattern requires approximately 2 skeins of Modern Folk Embroidery Wool, or, when stitched with 2 pulled strands of Retors du Nord 4 stranded cotton floss between 21 – 27 metres (2 skeins of floss).

Love Letters is a romantic pattern, and has a distinct Swedish style.

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This romantic pattern uses an alphabet I found on an antique sampler in Sweden. It’s not at all a unique alphabet – I’ve seen it on many samplers from many different countries – but I liked its simplicity, and wanted to set it off against a more ornamental background. I framed the alphabet in a heart design, separated by plain horizontal lines, but from there branches grow on which birds nestle, and flowers bloom.

You will notice some letters missing on this sampler: old samplers often leave off letters where they were not needed. Most often ommited are the J and U, as they can be replaced by both I and V respectively. Other letters would be left out if they could easily be stitched up changing a letter slightly. I left off the L as it can be adapted easily from the I, if needed.

This pattern measures 113 crosses in height and 83 in width. Stitched over two threads, your finished piece should measure approximately 7 1/8” by 5 1/4” (18cm by 13.5cm).

PDF sizes: this pattern is after purchase available in both A4 and Letter formats.


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